Whittakers Artisan Collection



Whittakers Artisan Collection

#1 Hawke’s Bay Braeburn Apple and Vanilla

White Chocolate with bits of refreshing apple and hints of sweet vanilla

#2 Marlborough Sea Salt and Caramel Brittle

Milk Chocolate with bits of rock salt and caramel

#3 Nelson Pear and Manuka Honey

Milk Chocolate with gooey bits of pear and honey

#4 Waikato Grown Aromatic Oolong Tea

Dark Chocolate with a subtle hint of Oolong

#5 Kaitaia Fire Chilli Pepper Spice

Dark Chocolate with a spicy peppery explosion

#6 Single Origin Samoan Cacao

Dark Chocolate with a clean taste of cacao goodness

Overall rating: 8/10

Price: $3.65- $3.95 per bar

Oh yea’s:

Whittaker’s released 6 new flavors for this collection

Out of the 6 there’s only 3 that I really liked

(Nelson Pear and Manuka Honey, Waikato Grown Aromatic Oolong Tea, Hawke’s Bay Braeburn Apple and Vanilla)

I love that it comes in a luxury thin cut (good for people who are trying to control their portion size)

Oh no’s:

Since their last creation Lewis Creamery Chocolate Milk was very successful that Kiwis lined up for and sold out everywhere

this one would definitely pick up so if you want to try this grab them now

For me the other three flavors simply didn’t make it to the cut; either it’s very ordinary or it just tasted weird

(Single Origin Samoan Cacao, Marlborough Sea Salt and Caramel Brittle, Kaitaia Fire Chilli Pepper Spice)