French Girl

Last hurrah for winter fashion! let’s bring those hats out! I am very fond of berets. I think they make the perfect statement accessory. It ties up your whole look and gives off a Parisian vibe regardless of what you’re wearing.

Victoria Street

An oversized jacket is a great addition to your arsenal of clothes. It can easily be dress up or down; from workplace to dinner and from feminine to androgynous look.

Pumpkin Skies

This was probably the quickest photo shoot we have ever done, 15 minutes approx. We came straight from Starbucks after having a grande each of our usual drinks, exchanged opinions about various topics and laughed our little heads off. Sometimes not having a plan is the best plan. Being pushed for time we got lucky with a beautiful pumpkin spice latte inspired sunset. Don’t you just love watching the sunset to cap off the day?

Wandering in Welly

I was once asked, If I go on a holiday which country would I visit? I quickly responded, countries with big cities. Ultimately, NYC and the rest of the fashion week cities. I love the cosmopolitan vibe—fashion forward people, street noise and random conversations, colorful lights and an array of cuisines, etc. I find the cities more interesting and at the same time mysterious. Don’t get me wrong I have an appreciation for nature but like they say “once a city girl, always a city girl”.

Going Gingham

As a stylist and with my deep passion for fashion, I pride myself in wearing the latest trends but have always avoided patterns. Maybe, because I am vertically challenged and wearing patterns wouldn’t really help in creating the illusion of height or I just really prefer a clean minimalist look. But I must admit this pattern really got my attention. First of all, I have worn gingham as part of my uniform during my entire university days. Secondly, it’s almost always in black and white (which is a huge factor for me). Lastly, it creates an effortless but sophisticated statement. Ditch your stripes and florals— gingham is making a huge come back this season.