Roses Are Red

  Outfit Details: White Tee with Embroidered Rose| Kookai Black Jeans | Zara Black Flatform Oxfords | Overland Rings | Michael Hill Hoop Earrings | Lovisa Rose Gold & Pink Watch | Apple HMU: NARS ABH MAC Redken Photography & Styling: Eastwood Photography & Styling Nikon Profoto    

Spring is here

Winter coat is off. Daylight savings is on. Spring is the best time to clean and reorganize your wardrobe. You have probably been delaying this major task for a while now. News flash! —it’s not going anywhere. So my advice to you is make a list and plan ahead. In that way, you won’t spend the whole day and night getting it done. It’s going to be pain-free I promise. xoxo K P.S. if you would like some advice on how to edit your wardrobe comment below or leave a message.

Pumpkin Skies

This was probably the quickest photo shoot we have ever done, 15 minutes approx. We came straight from Starbucks after having a grande each of our usual drinks, exchanged opinions about various topics and laughed our little heads off. Sometimes not having a plan is the best plan. Being pushed for time we got lucky with a beautiful pumpkin spice latte inspired sunset. Don’t you just love watching the sunset to cap off the day?

Rustic Hues

It was a gloomy day and we were out exploring the back streets of Hamilton. Luckily, we stumbled upon this interesting alley I never thought exists. The walls were rustic and full of character. Coincidentally, I was wearing the right colors to match this hidden gem of a street. Who else enjoys exploring “secret spots” around the city? Please share and leave a comment.

Wandering in Welly

I was once asked, If I go on a holiday which country would I visit? I quickly responded, countries with big cities. Ultimately, NYC and the rest of the fashion week cities. I love the cosmopolitan vibe—fashion forward people, street noise and random conversations, colorful lights and an array of cuisines, etc. I find the cities more interesting and at the same time mysterious. Don’t get me wrong I have an appreciation for nature but like they say “once a city girl, always a city girl”.