Victoria Street

An oversized jacket is a great addition to your arsenal of clothes. It can easily be dress up or down; from workplace to dinner and from feminine to androgynous look.

Leather Weather

Do you ever find yourself stuck on ideas for outfits?– meaning, I don’t have any clothes but I actually have a lot. HELP! —that sort of stuck? I have this struggle everyday and one major tip I can give you is to invest in a good leather jacket. It’s versatile and can polish any outfit together. If you can’t afford a genuine leather jacket try to find a piece that has a similar look or you can go for a vegan leather.

Going Gingham

As a stylist and with my deep passion for fashion, I pride myself in wearing the latest trends but have always avoided patterns. Maybe, because I am vertically challenged and wearing patterns wouldn’t really help in creating the illusion of height or I just really prefer a clean minimalist look. But I must admit this pattern really got my attention. First of all, I have worn gingham as part of my uniform during my entire university days. Secondly, it’s almost always in black and white (which is a huge factor for me). Lastly, it creates an effortless but sophisticated statement. Ditch your stripes and florals— gingham is making a huge come back this season.

Merlot Lace

Special occasions call for statement pieces. Invest in a few and you’ll never have to worry about last minute shopping. When you see one, buy it. Remember, it’s always an advantage to be ahead of the game.

Blue Red Blue

We all love to flaunt our “assets”– which could vary depending on your body type; some show off their long legs ala Gisele Bundchen, their JLo booty or their hourglass figure. But it does take a while for us to come out of our shells. So for the many ladies out there who are still on the fence with their assets; you can never go wrong with showing a bit of your sexy back. This is the perfect way to transition from conservative to a more sophisticated style. Showing a bit of skin (just make sure you’re wearing a good sunscreen) will make your overall look even more mysterious.