Wandering in Welly

I was once asked, If I go on a holiday which country would I visit? I quickly responded, countries with big cities. Ultimately, NYC and the rest of the fashion week cities. I love the cosmopolitan vibe—fashion forward people, street noise and random conversations, colorful lights and an array of cuisines, etc. I find the cities more interesting and at the same time mysterious. Don’t get me wrong I have an appreciation for nature but like they say “once a city girl, always a city girl”.

Black Out

A spontaneous night out in town won’t kill nobody. All geared up for a well deserved day trip turned walk-around-eat-wherever-whenever rendezvous. I love dressing up for a nice dinner and then maybe some drinks afterwards. I usually go for “form over function” but when you get to a certain point in your life (yes, count those band aids and heel grips you’ve invested in all those years) you will definitely reconsider hanging up those stilettos in exchange for a less glamorous flats.

Slip & Scarf

Hello world! Salted Karamel is back! This is my first blog post since the incident. I have been struggling to go back to my normal routine as paranoia kept tricking my mind. It’s hard when your privacy has been breached in a very personal level. I know…. it’s quite hard to understand because I blog, which means I do share more than I should compared to the rest of the population. But I have never felt so violated in my life. To be honest, there were days I couldn’t even go inside my own house on my own. I promised myself to move forward hence why I am back to do what I love the most. Blogging is my lifeblood. It’s what keeps me inspired and happy. I thought this post was a perfect symbolism of my personal style. I always prefer neutral colors over anything bright and loud. Over the years, I’ve learned to incorporate patterns and colours in my wardrobe. It maybe a small detail but it makes the outfit standout in whole different level. Bottom line is never be afraid to try something new or standout from a crowd full of copycats. When you find your personal style no matter what it is crazy or not, own it.

Love it or Leave it : The 70s Sweater

Have you ever had a dilemma picking an outfit that best suits bipolar weather? I think most of us will agree that a good old sweater is all you need on such days (and some social events). It’s definitely a “go to” piece that I enjoy having a wide selection of.

Love it or Leave it: Midi Pleated Skirt

Midi pleated skirt is a must have piece this season. It’s the perfect transition piece from day to night, office to party and casual to formal wear. You don’t have to be ultra feminine to suit this look. You can always pair it with sneakers and a knit jumper for a more sporty chic vibe.