Product Feature: Elvion

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Type: Luxury Men’s Wear

Price Range:

Average pricing (great deal for high quality products!–what a bargain)

you can check out their website for prices www.elvion.co.nz


Elvion sells just about everything a stylish man could ask for (apart from his dream woman—–or man?)

Small leather goods – 100 % handmade wallets and belts

Accessories- 100 % silk neck and bow ties, cuff links, tie pins, pocket squares, funky socks, etc.

Clothes- wide range of design, color and custom fit shirts, pants, jacket and full suit. (not shown in the photos)


If you’re just like me who is really fussy when it comes to dressing up your man and he clearly doesn’t like shopping then this is worth checking out.

Elvion is a brand that fully operates online. No hassle and no drama. Free shipping nationwide except rural areas.

A major factor is they also custom fit their suits, shirts and pants. 100 % genuine leather accessories. Please visit their website to find out more of this emerging brand that delivers high quality products.