I was due for another visit at Lan Hair Design with my hair stylist Koji. We decided to go more (caramel-y) brown with my hair. I told him I wanted my highlights to be more visible but still subtle enough for work. I admit, I am a serial hair color changer.

Wandering in Welly

I was once asked, If I go on a holiday which country would I visit? I quickly responded, countries with big cities. Ultimately, NYC and the rest of the fashion week cities. I love the cosmopolitan vibe—fashion forward people, street noise and random conversations, colorful lights and an array of cuisines, etc. I find the cities more interesting and at the same time mysterious. Don’t get me wrong I have an appreciation for nature but like they say “once a city girl, always a city girl”.

Going Gingham

As a stylist and with my deep passion for fashion, I pride myself in wearing the latest trends but have always avoided patterns. Maybe, because I am vertically challenged and wearing patterns wouldn’t really help in creating the illusion of height or I just really prefer a clean minimalist look. But I must admit this pattern really got my attention. First of all, I have worn gingham as part of my uniform during my entire university days. Secondly, it’s almost always in black and white (which is a huge factor for me). Lastly, it creates an effortless but sophisticated statement. Ditch your stripes and florals— gingham is making a huge come back this season.

Black Out

A spontaneous night out in town won’t kill nobody. All geared up for a well deserved day trip turned walk-around-eat-wherever-whenever rendezvous. I love dressing up for a nice dinner and then maybe some drinks afterwards. I usually go for “form over function” but when you get to a certain point in your life (yes, count those band aids and heel grips you’ve invested in all those years) you will definitely reconsider hanging up those stilettos in exchange for a less glamorous flats.

Slip & Scarf

Hello world! Salted Karamel is back! This is my first blog post since the incident. I have been struggling to go back to my normal routine as paranoia kept tricking my mind. It’s hard when your privacy has been breached in a very personal level. I know…. it’s quite hard to understand because I blog, which means I do share more than I should compared to the rest of the population. But I have never felt so violated in my life. To be honest, there were days I couldn’t even go inside my own house on my own. I promised myself to move forward hence why I am back to do what I love the most. Blogging is my lifeblood. It’s what keeps me inspired and happy. I thought this post was a perfect symbolism of my personal style. I always prefer neutral colors over anything bright and loud. Over the years, I’ve learned to incorporate patterns and colours in my wardrobe. It maybe a small detail but it makes the outfit standout in whole different level. Bottom line is never be afraid to try something new or standout from a crowd full of copycats. When you find your personal style no matter what it is crazy or not, own it.