Nanam: Filipino cuisine with a twist

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 Overall rating: 9/10

Location: 126 Symonds Street, Royal Oak, Auckland

Price Range: Average ($10 for entrees, $20 for mains, $9 sides and $11 for desserts)

Must try:

Roast Chicken Sinigang (half roast chicken in tamarind spice)

Ensalada (mix green salad with pear and seaweed)

Turon (banana parfait with jackfruit sauce and chocolate peanut crumbs)

Halo Halo (caramel flan, pandan granite, sweet beans, purple yam pudding, melon and coconut jasmine foam)

Oh yea’s:

Graffiti and native decors resembles the Filipino culture

Interesting array of Filipino dishes with a twist

Fast and friendly service

Portion size is perfect (just the right size for people who are hungry enough)

Oh no’s:

Booking is essential as they do turn away customers when it gets busy

Should add more tables to better accommodate customers

Hope to see more dishes on their menu

  • Nal

    A very lovely restaurant! I definitely enjoyed everything that I ordered! The staff and atmosphere is relaxing and comfortable. Dessert was DELICIOUS! I agree with everything you stated! 😀

    • Karmyl Eastwood

      Thanks Nal! I too had a great time there! What was your favorite item on their menu?