Salon Review: Lan Japanese Hair Design

Asians know Asian hair very well. Their head massage is to die for!

Railway Romper

WARNING: Monologue ahead! This was supposed to be a practice shoot for a wedding we’re shooting but while I was browsing our library full of blog-worthy photos, I finally gave in. I thought hmmm this isn’t actually too bad. Sometimes, when you least expect your photos to look amazing it turns out to be just that. I haven’t really done any style blogging lately–I wasn’t really feeling it. I have been either too lazy or too critical of myself. Everything has to be perfect. But I guess it’s only natural to feel that way since I’m such a perfectionist. Blogging isn’t easy to begin with. I have been struggling for years to be consistent, transparent and unafraid to put myself out there. When you look at your favorite bloggers, musicians and celebrities social media accounts you always think that they are perfect, great lifestyle and are absolutely stress-free. The truth is that’s all BS. I think everyone has their own issues but the only difference is some people handle it well. I guess the bottom line here is, it’s okay to feel crazy and sad, or both at the same time. But at the end of the day, you need to let it out and embrace life as it unfolds. xoxo Salted Karamel

Love it or Leave it : Low Back Jersey Dress

We all love to flaunt our “assets”– which could vary depending on your body type; some show off their long legs ala Gisele Bundchen, their JLo booty or their hourglass figure. But it does take a while for us to come out of our shells. So for the many ladies out there who are still on the fence with their assets; you can never go wrong with showing a bit of your sexy back. This is the perfect way to transition from conservative to a more sophisticated style. Showing a bit of skin (just make sure you’re wearing a good sunscreen) will make your overall look even more mysterious.